Euroscepticism – a today’s issue with tomorrow consequences

  • Raluca Buturoiu National University of Political Studies and Public Administration


The European Union is dominated by permanent change and diversity so that public opinion regarding different EU-related issues follows a similar trend. Within this continually changing context, there are two important interconnected things to be considered: first, public opinion towards the EU represents the core of political and academic debates over the present and future of the European integration. Second, the favorable attitudes and opinions towards the EU have increasingly changed into disapproving or sceptic attitudes in the last years. Although there are studies on Eurosceptic attitudes and their causes in almost all EU member states, only a few of them offer a clear overview of this issue. The present paper addresses four questions: What is actually Euroscepticism?; What are the faces of Euroscepticism in the EU as a whole?; How prominent are Eurosceptic attitudes in Romania?; Where do we go from here? The aim of this paper is to examine the theoretical foundations of Euroscepticism and to provide insightful information to be used in future studies.

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Buturoiu, R. (2016). Euroscepticism – a today’s issue with tomorrow consequences. Romanian Journal Of Communication And Public Relations, 16(1), 41-52. doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2014.1.187


public opinion; Euroscepticism; Eurosceptic attitudes; European integration.