A Swirl of Semiosis of Communication in Media and Political Discourse

Candidate Trump’s Visit to Mexico in 2016

  • Griselda Zárate Universidad de Monterrey
  • Olga Nelly Estrada Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León


The 2016 US elections offer the opportunity for interpretation within a continuum of semiotic processes. This is particularly acute in regards to previous events, such as the visit in August 31, 2016 of US president candidate Donald Trump to Mexico. This paper aims to approach this political event as a cultural text containing several subtexts with diverse layers of meaning production: the mentioned visit as a candidate; Mexican president Peña Nieto’s dismissal of secretary Videgaray; Candidate Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Drawing from Lotman’s ideas, special attention is given in this semiotic process to the inflection point where the paths of history cross and become unpredictable (1999; 2013; 2000). Also, it incorporates this theorist views about the concept of text and semiosphere (1996), in particular as container of collective cultural memory, and meaning production, as well as a point of view from a gender perspective. The analysis includes rhetorical devices, such as ad populum and ad hominem arguments, metaphors, as well as pragmatic strategies, such as intensifiers and attenuators to appeal to audience emotions, which make evident a populist right wing ideology embedded in political discourse.

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Zárate, G., & Estrada, O. (2019). A Swirl of Semiosis of Communication in Media and Political Discourse. Romanian Journal Of Communication And Public Relations, 21(1), 49-61. doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2019.1.270