Technology, Development, and the Competition for Supremacy

  • Delia Cristina Balaban Babeș Bolyai University


From its very first pages, Paul Dobrescu’s new book The Dragons of Development makes its roots visible: it is built on a comprehensive literature review, and on a reflection upon progress and supremacy in contemporary societies. The author sees the development of a society as “a way to get to know ourselves” (p.10), and the ideas elaborated in the volume are based on historical and societal knowledge. To understand the development of a nation, its cultural roots and the following integration of culture in the norms of that society are a relevant object of study.

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Balaban, D. (2021). Technology, Development, and the Competition for Supremacy. Romanian Journal Of Communication And Public Relations, 23(2), 63-66. doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2021.2.327
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