Reply to reviewers of 'Dragonii dezvoltării: Revine istoria pe supercontinentul euroasiatic?'

  • Paul Dobrescu National University of Political Studies and Public Administration


The common denominator of some of the questions and problems raised by the reviewers is represented by the new technological revolution, the role of AI in this revolution, and their impact on the world today. No one doubts the fact that we are living the greatest transformation of the information environment since Gutenberg’s printing press. Nevertheless, as John Naughton emphasized, “we’re as clueless about where it’s heading and what’s driving it as the citizens of Mainz were in 1495” (Naughton, 2019). Four centuries have passed since then; during this time, the printing press shaped society and thinking, introduced new forms of communication, occasioned a massive improvement in the general population’s level of education, made public schools and the mass dissemination of knowledge possible. It radically influenced everything. Now, we are at the dawn of a new era, one which will lead to least as many transformations as print did.

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Dobrescu, P. (2021). Reply to reviewers of 'Dragonii dezvoltării: Revine istoria pe supercontinentul euroasiatic?'. Romanian Journal Of Communication And Public Relations, 23(2), 69-73. doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2021.2.329
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