Mediating Role of Parasocial Relationships on Social Media Influencers' Reputation Signals and Purchase Intention of Beauty Products


  • Surug Saleh Taher SEGi University
  • Tak Jie Chan Multimedia University
  • Izzal Asnira Zolkepli University Sains Malaysia
  • Mohamad Noor Salehhuddin Sharipudin University Utara Malaysia



Social media influencers’ reputation signals, parasocial relationships, purchase intentions, beauty industry, promotional persuasive communication


Social media influencer has become an important component of marketing communication. Hence, this research aims to determine the facets of social media influencers’ reputation signals (communication skills, influence, perceived authenticity, and perceived expertise) that contribute to the customers’ purchase intention of X beauty products, mediates by the parasocial relationship. The study applied the Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) model and used a survey design. The results showed that the communication skills and expertise of the social media influencers have a significant relationship with parasocial relationships, and the parasocial relationship has a significant relationship with purchase intention. In addition, the parasocial relationship was found to mediate the relationship between the expertise of social media influencers and purchase intention. The study provides valuable insights to public relations and marketing practitioners of the beauty industry to be used in building a successful social media marketing strategy.