Stress Factors and Ways of Coping for Public Relations Professionals in Romania


  • Andreea Roxana Răceanu National University of Political Studies and Public Administration
  • Andreea Nicoleta Deliu-Pasol Graduate of Berlin School of Creative Leadership



public relations, occupational stress, stressors, coping with stress, public relations profession


The purpose of this paper is to investigate stress-related experiences and coping solutions for public relations (PR) professionals, as relevant dimensions related to their well-being, creativity, and outcomes. The framework of the study is linked to the state of the PR profession, its role, and potential developments. It is based on qualitative research, using in-depth semi-structured interviews with seventeen senior professionals in PR from companies in Romania. The thematic analysis revealed, from a top-level professionals’ perspective, that Romanian PR activity is still a very fluid one and its role and value are not yet clearly integrated. This generates important levels of negative stress for PR professionals. Besides that, positive stress is associated to PR activity for enthusiastic PR professionals. The findings underline a series of seven stress factors and three categories of solutions for coping, involving the professionals but also academia, professional bodies, and, eventually, organizations. The authors of this study emphasize the importance of supporting the development of the profession as a premise for more positive working experiences of PR professionals. This can be achieved by precisely using PR tools, to establish a set of clear standards and increase PR literacy for non-PR people, both for the benefit of PR professionals and those who pay for their services. The lack of a coherent framework on the role of PR brings many challenges to the activity of PR professionals. The negative stress they perceive in daily activity is partially an extension of the fragmented and incomplete development of the PR profession, and the multivariate and disconnected pace regarding advances in theory and practice in the field. These must be considered and addressed equally within PR research, training and education, practice, and PR-dedicated associations.




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Răceanu, A. R., & Deliu-Pasol, A. N. (2024). Stress Factors and Ways of Coping for Public Relations Professionals in Romania. Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations, 25(3), 25–52.