Call for papers

RJCPR is now seeking manuscripts for its April 2018 issue. The topic for this issue is: Qualitative Research For, About, and With Older Adults.

Guest editors: Dr Monika Wilińska, Jönköping University, Sweden; Dr. Loredana Ivan, NUPSPA, Romania


In one of the most widely used definitions of qualitative research, Denzin and Lincoln (2005:3) describe this practice as consisting of “a set of interpretive, material practices that make the world visible”. However, as much as qualitative research “locates the observer in the world”, it also locates the observed in research and is dependent upon numerous practices that both transform and make research visible. That intrinsic complexity of qualitative research becomes even more prominent in research inquiring into such highly social and cultural phenomena as age and ageing.

Qualitative research on age and ageing offers a unique possibility to delve into the ways in which daily practices and meanings ascribed to age and ageing are enacted, are changed and/or maintained. Yet, such research is conditioned upon the meeting between strange and familiar modes of living, thinking, knowing and feeling as exhibited by all parties involved in the research process. The role of media and media practice in that is weighty. This urges us to think about the ways and consequences of constructing knowledge about age and ageing in different settings and the extent to which we can cross various boundaries and borders to meet the challenges of ageism.

The Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations invites scholars to contribute to the April 2018 issue with papers reporting qualitative studies on ageing. The key purpose of this issue is to open-up a space for critical reflection regarding the ways in which older persons are visible and invisible in research, how older person appropriate various research activities and which topics emerge as important in navigating current socio-cultural contexts of ageing. In this, we would like to encourage critical reflection about the complex relationship existing between research practices and ageing and later life.

Topics and themes may include, but are not exclusive to:

  • The making of knowledge on age and ageing and its validity;
  • The role of qualitative researchers in researching ageing;
  • Context and its meaning in research on age and ageing;
  • Emotions in research on age and ageing;
  • The making of research subjects in research on age and ageing;
  • The role of media and media practices in research on age and ageing;
  • Emerging issues in qualitative research on later life.



Before submitting your paper, please remove identification (meta)data as well as the author(s) name(s) on all pages except the title page of the submitted paper. We prefer files in .doc or .docx formats (MS Word), but we also accept .odt files (LibreOffice Writer).

All contributions must be written in English and submitted to the e-mail addresses of the guest editors:  and Submissions must follow the Guidelines for Authors.



Please submit your paper via e-mail by January 30, 2018.

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