Painting Shades of Gray: How to Communicate the History of Communism in Museums

  • Alexandra Zbuchea NUPSPA Bucharest
  • Loredana Ivan NUPSPA Bucharest


Communication of sciences / arts lies at the core of a museum public activity. It is a special type of communication, meant to make the collections and the domain of the expertise of the museum accessible to a wide public in order to fulfill the special cultural and social role that museums have in the contemporary society. This cannot be achieved without the cooperation of visitors, as well as the museum stakeholders. For fruitful relationships, museums have to design their activity and public offer taking into account the characteristics as well as the interests of various segments of its audience. The present paper discusses the prerequisites for a successful museum exhibition. Special attention is given to designing an effective exhibition on the history of communism. By investigating the profile of the potential visitors for such an exhibition, the paper draws a framework to be considered when designing it. The discussion is timely, since in the last few years there are discussions and initiatives related with the establishment of a museum of communism.

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Zbuchea, A., & Ivan, L. (2015). Painting Shades of Gray: How to Communicate the History of Communism in Museums. Romanian Journal Of Communication And Public Relations, 17(2), 21 - 39. doi:10.21018/rjcpr.2015.2.14


communicating history; museums; history of communism; communism exhibition; Romania